What is Sexual Market Value and how do you calculate it? (Men)

dating market value calculator for men

How interested is the rest of society in mating with you? Sexual Market Value or SMV is a person’s level of attractiveness to the opposite sex.

You’re probably curious about what factors contribute to or detract from a man’s SMV.

Age — Depending on your age, you may have a natural amount of sexual attraction. 20 – 35 years old, 35 – 45 years old, 45 years old and up.

Looks – Skinny, Athletic, Average, Muscular, Overweight, handsomeness, height, style, etc.

Money – Yearly Income, Networth, etc.

Status – Notoriety, Clout, Social Media Presence, class level in society, Occupation.

Game – Are you self-confident? Have you have a good sense of humor? Would others describe you as charismatic?

We have created a simple tool to calculate your SMV. Click here to calculate your SMV using our calculator.